SIA Membership Application

Annual Subscription Rates

Subscriptions for Science Industry Australia are due and payable on 1 July each year. The Rules provide that subscriptions are due and payable within 2 months of falling due.

Members joining in the months of January to May renew their subscriptions on the 1st January each year. For members joining more than 2 months into the year, we pro-rata fees to the 1st July or 1st January. Memberships are not available for less than 12 months

Subscription rates are based on the number of staff of the member entity. Subscriptions for the current year are as follows:

1 to 5 employees $995 (+ GST)
6 to 15 employees $2040 (+ GST)
16 to 50 employees $3440 (+ GST)
50 plus employees $5025 (+ GST)


A Tax Invoice will be issued by Science Industry Australia for all subscription payments.

The subscription category is based on the number of employees. Reference to employees is to apply to all staff of the member company within Australia.


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